“Smith Property Management have been engaged as agents across a residential portfolio of developments on our behalf for in excess of ten years. During this time the industry has changed dramatically and I have found Smith Property Management to engage, update and progress in tandem with the portfolio requirements. Their systematic approach, continued communication and commitment to company members have proven to be innovative, extremely helpful and informative. I would have no hesitation in recommending their agency services and sincerely look forward to continuing working with them into the future.”

Charles Reilly - McGarrell Reilly Group

“When Smith Property Management took over the management of our development there were monumental issues that required addressing immediately. Our large management company had no funds and a very unhealthy balance sheet coupled with issues arising from a lack of onsite services. Thanks to their experience and hard work they systematically transformed the finances of our OMC which has now led to substantial improvements to our development. Through all the turmoil with our development the professional advice and expertise from Smith Property Management has been invaluable in turning our development around to one where residents’ can be proud to live in. We have confidence that the strategic planning presented to us by the staff in Smith Property Management will lead to further improvements. With all this in mind we would have no hesitation in recommending Smith Property Management as agents.”

Gavin Hall, Director - Capital North Management CLG.

“I am very pleased to recommend the services of Smith Property Management. They have acted as our Agents for the past seven years. Smith Property Management’s expertise in the property industry has provided us with the experience and know-how to ensure that our development is managed and maintained to a very high standard. I can comfortably state that Smith Property Management will bring value to your development by doing what is right for the client and providing the commitment and skill necessary to perform all duties and responsibilities associated with being professional Managing Agents. Overall, our Board of Directors have been very pleased with the services provided by Smith Property Management, and I would highly recommend them as Managing Agents.”

Sean Matthews, Director - Tsean Mhargadh Management CLG.

McGarrell Reilly Group

Capital North Management CLG.

Tsean Mhargadh Management CLG.

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