Case Studies

Riverrock Management Co. CLG.

Smith Property Management were appointed as agents to Rockfield in 2006. This development was built by Gannon Homes and consists of 388 apartments.

Since our appointment as the managing agent for Rockfield Smith Property Management have made substantial technical, administrative and aesthetic improvements to the development.

One of the most important projects that we undertook was the implementation of a Flood Prevention programme. Measures were put in place as a result of flood cover being removed from the policy in 2012 due to the Floods in October 2011.

We looked at numerous possibilities which included:

  • Constructing a dam surrounding the existing pond
  • Removing the pond and utilizing the sub levels for a water retention area

After careful investigation a plan to have flood routing system was introduced. This allowed any surplus water as a result of severe weather to be routed away from the blocks and exiting the development safely protecting the multiple ground floor units.

It was soon recognised that the flood routing option is not only more reliable, but it has also substantially reduced the installation costs while still achieving maximum protection for the properties and common areas alike. As a direct result of this programme flood cover was successfully reinstated.



The Board of Directors – Testimonial

“Smith Property Management has been the agent of Rockfield, Dundrum since 2006. They were appointed by the developer and since 2011 they report to a full residential board.

In addition to the general running of our planned preventative maintenance services we have had flooding and other technical matters to be resolved.

We suffered major flood damage in 2011. SPM efficiently managed all insurance claims. They provided a strategy and managed a project of civil engineering works to implement a flood prevention plan, resulting in the reinstatement of full insurance. Other project works on site have been completed to a high standard. We had confidence in the service providers accessed through SPM to advise on and complete these works.”

Saggart Management CLG.

In 2013 Smith Property Management was invited to tender for the management of Millrace in Saggart.

This development was built by WM Neville & Sons and consists of 350 units made up of, 79 apartments, 221 duplexes and 20 houses.

Following a detailed tendering process, Smith Property Management was engaged by the board.

Since taking over this estate Smith Property Management have undertaken a Full Energy Audit of the development.  Looking back on previous years expenditure for electricity Costs and indeed electrical repairs there were substantial outgoings on this budget line items year on year.

Following a full audit a retro fit option was made to the lighting in the common areas of the blocks with new LED lighting installed and all emergency lighting was separated out to reduce the repairs necessary on a year on year basis.

It’s estimated that the Management Company will save €8923.87 per annum on Repairs and Electricity Costs giving a Payback period of 1.45 years based on the costs of the installation.

Furthermore, owners and residents are very pleased with the improved level of maintenance and presentation seen in the grounds landscaping.


Kevin Synot – Director Testimonial

“In 2013 we changed our managing agent to Smith Property Management after a comprehensive tendering process. We wanted an agent we felt had the knowledge and experience to manage the issues with 350 apartments, duplexes and townhouses.

Smiths have already made a hugely positive impact on the board, the members and the development.

Already they have brought considerable cost savings, introduced energy efficient initiatives and delivered improvements onsite to the development.

The level of interaction with the property manager has been very professional and a future financial and operational plan is being laid out for us.

The staff at Smith’s are very courteous which has been very well received by our members.  The recent AGM was very well run and the presentation and explanations to members was top class.

To date we are very happy with our choice of agent”

Collegefort Management CLG.

Smith Property Management were appointed as agents to Collegefort in 2004. This development was built by Kimpton Vale and consists of 371 units made up of 232 apartments, 88 duplexes, 49 houses and 2 commercial units.

As developments begin to age numerous issues will begin to become prevalent and none more as destructive as water ingress into a unit. In Smith Property Management we have been closely following trends with new technologies on the market that give maximum sustainable life cycles to protect against future issues.

There are now 2 products on the Market now leaving the previous Torch on Felt/Asphalt finishes on flat balconies a thing of the past.

IkoPolimar and Kemprol come to the market with a prefinished waterproof membrane that adapts to the severe hot and cold climate that Ireland has been experiencing over the last few years.

We have now been involved with the installation of these products in 2 different developments and the results have been outstanding both visually and also more importantly from a protection point of view. These products have been used in Collegefort and Robswall respectively and have left both the developments Directors and owners completely satisfied with the results aesthetically and from a technical standpoint.


Alan O’Rafferty – Director Testimonial

“We have entrusted the management of Collegefort, Castleknock to Smith Property Management.

They were the initial agents appointed by the developer and a decision was taken to remain with them after the transition to all full residential board.

Consistently Smith Property Management has given us a hands on, professional and friendly approach which in my opinion offers the ideal foundation for liaising with Directors which has now resulted in a very successful relationship.

Their property management experience, building management services and dedication in meeting high customer demands, are consummate to a company of their standard and a well-motivated team.

I look forward to a continued long term relationship and I am pleased to recommend them to any management company.”

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