Our Approach

Our Approach – The Personal Touch

We recognise that Property Management is a people management industry, we are big enough to cope with, and small enough to care about, personal service.

To Smith Property Management, excellent service is the result of truly understanding our customers’ expectations and putting the right guidelines and service standards in place to exceed them. We have worked hard to build a solid organisational framework that properly unites our people, systems and processes by putting our customers at the core of everything we do. Communication and trust is paramount in our relationship with our customers and we are fully committed to maintaining long term positive partnerships.


Why are we different?

Property management is our only focus. A combination of our experience, skilled people and highly effective systems sets us apart from traditional managing agents. We offer a safe solution for the management of your investment and the highest standard of professionalism.

Our unique structure ensures that our customers have a dedicated property management team looking after them thus ensuring that they can devote quality time to each development and establish long term relationships.


Far too often we have been told by our customers that their previous managing agents were slow to resolve maintenance issues, owners’ complaints fell on deaf ears, inspections rarely, if ever, occurred, and communication was infrequent at best. We believe that managing developments makes us responsible and accountable. For this reason, we answer your calls, address issues promptly, do what we say–when we say, and most importantly answer for your development’s performance.

Systems & Technology

Simply put, a large part of any property manager’s job is to essentially “solve problems”. To many of our competitors, this means reacting to challenges after they happen and basically crossing them off a checklist before going home for the day.
To us, effective property management is the execution of a strategic plan combined with the use of systems and technology that addresses issues proactively.


As we have been in business for over 20 years we have gained a reputation within the property industry as a brand of excellence. We are extremely proud of our service delivery levels and furthermore we are happy to set the benchmark for our industry.

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