Quality Assurance

This is our Quality Management Programme designed to provide complete end-to end quality and efficiency to everything we do on behalf of our clients. We employ a KPI based Performance Management system, a block management system and our award winning field service system.

To date we have grown organically through recommendations and this has led to a very high retention rate. This means we operate at the highest service levels and understand and provide the kind of quality service our clients’ require.



Quality begins and ends with the satisfaction of customer needs. Smith Property Management depends on our customers and therefore understands current and future customer needs; we will meet customer requirements and strive to exceed customer expectations.

Many companies limit quality in terms of measuring and setting service standards, with the goals of controlling costs, reducing risk in their vital customer-facing operations and improving customer satisfaction.

We believe quality must also encompass values such as “efficiency,” which means “doing things right,” and “effectiveness,” which means “doing the right things.”

By taking a more structured, end-to-end approach to quality management, we are ensuring that we are able to maintain substantial and lasting relationships with our clients and customers.

Of course, this involves investing in complex, cross-functional systems to create and sustain a true quality management programme which we have done to date.

Our Quality Focus strategy is based on a proven framework and driven by industry standards and best practices. To us this means:


Client Partnership

Improve client satisfaction and loyalty by understanding client expectations and customer satisfaction.

Strategic Planning and Alignment

Build, direct and sustain a high-performance property management company through the identification, deployment, alignment and execution of strategies, plans and objectives.

Process Management

Ensure that our processes and methods used to design, develop, deliver and support services to clients continue to function efficiently and effectively.

Performance Management

Ensure that we select, gather, analyse and use information from all functions to assess business support and daily operations.

Continuous Improvement

Ensure that process performance is benchmarked and continually improved to meet changing client requirements, and that best practices are identified and implemented.

Employee Involvement

Establish and maintain a culture that ensures our staff at all levels are trained, competent, responsible and engaged to contribute to the ongoing success of our company.

Supplier Partnerships

Ensure understanding of current and emerging supplier performance for the purpose of driving continuous improvement in operational performance.

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