Riverrock Management Co. CLG.

Smith Property Management were appointed as agents to Rockfield in 2006. This development was built by Gannon Homes and consists of 388 apartments.

Since our appointment as the managing agent for Rockfield Smith Property Management have made substantial technical, administrative and aesthetic improvements to the development.

One of the most important projects that we undertook was the implementation of a Flood Prevention programme. Measures were put in place as a result of flood cover being removed from the policy in 2012 due to the Floods in October 2011.

We looked at numerous possibilities which included:

  • Constructing a dam surrounding the existing pond
  • Removing the pond and utilizing the sub levels for a water retention area

After careful investigation a plan to have flood routing system was introduced. This allowed any surplus water as a result of severe weather to be routed away from the blocks and exiting the development safely protecting the multiple ground floor units.

It was soon recognised that the flood routing option is not only more reliable, but it has also substantially reduced the installation costs while still achieving maximum protection for the properties and common areas alike. As a direct result of this programme flood cover was successfully reinstated.



The Board of Directors – Testimonial

“Smith Property Management has been the agent of Rockfield, Dundrum since 2006. They were appointed by the developer and since 2011 they report to a full residential board.

In addition to the general running of our planned preventative maintenance services we have had flooding and other technical matters to be resolved.

We suffered major flood damage in 2011. SPM efficiently managed all insurance claims. They provided a strategy and managed a project of civil engineering works to implement a flood prevention plan, resulting in the reinstatement of full insurance. Other project works on site have been completed to a high standard. We had confidence in the service providers accessed through SPM to advise on and complete these works.”

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